Furnace Brazed Aluminum Coolers

Furnace brazed aluminum air coolers are extremely high performance, compact, and cost-effective. For the size of the cooler, this type of exchanger provides the best heat transfer. With typical pressure and temperature ratings around 250 psig @ 250 F these are very versatile coolers. Whether you need to cool oil in a hydraulic power unit, air downstream of a compressor, or a water/glycol mixture for a closed-loop cooling system these high-performance aluminum coolers are a great solution.

Do you have a water cooled rotary screw air compressor? Are you tired of servicing and cleaning the water side on the after cooler and oil cooler to maintain performance? Convert it to air cooled! We offer two section side by side coolers ideal for rotary screw compressors. This style of unit has one common motor/fan to cool both the air and oil down to acceptable levels.
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