Cooling Towers

Amcot Cooling Towers are rugged, compact, lightweight, and economical to install. They are made of durable fiberglass reinforced plastics that won’t rust or corrode! The fiberglass casing and basin have a ten-year guarantee.



  • The fan motor is weatherproofed and totally enclosed allowing for less noisy and more efficient long-term performance.
  • The sprinkler pipes are sturdy PVC material pierced with closely-spaced holes allowing thorough distribution of water in a rotating spray covering the entire surface of the filler.
  • The round design permits maximum air intake regardless of wind direction.
  • Efficient operation results from the smooth pumping of recirculated water through the stand pipe and up into the sprinkler pipes.
  • A large diameter outlet pipe draws a constant supply of cooled water from the basin to serve the facility.
  • A large-capacity, durable water basin constructed from rust-proof fiberglass reinforced plastic guarantees low maintenance and long-term operation.
  • The efficiently designed PVC filler creates a surface area that allows for maximum dispersion of water which creates a superior cooling effect.
  • Housing panels and water basin are built of fiberglass reinforced plastic ensuring rust-free long term performance even under the most severe environmental conditions
AST Series - Cooling Towers and Packaged Chillers
Cooling Towers and Packaged Chillers
Cooling towers and packaged chillers
R LC Series - cooling towers and packaged chillers
ST Series - Amcot cooling towers and packaged chillers

Refrigeration Components & Systems

Liquid Portable Chillers

Air & Water-Cooled Models: ¼ to 40 Tons
Process liquid chillers are designed to circulate a fluid medium, which is typically water, or a water-glycol solution, through a process application for cooling and can supply temperatures between 20° to 65°F. These units can service a single or multiple cooling points, and are designed to be moved between process applications as the need requires. Generally, portable liquid chillers are offered in capacities from ¼ to 40 tons.

Air-cooled liquid chillers use ambient air to dissipate process heat. These units efficiently run in plant air temperatures between 60° to 95°F. Major benefits to air-cooled units are heat recovery (for supplemental heating), exhaust air ducting (for plant ventilation), and less operating expense.

Water cooled liquid chillers use a plant water supply source (tower water, city water, or well water) to dissipate process heat. Major benefits to water-cooled units are less capital expense and less maintenance.

Air Cooled Package Chiller
Air cooled package chillers

Shell & Tube Refrigeration Products:

  • Liquid Refrigerant Receiver
  • Suction Accumulators
  • Coalescing Oil Separators
  • Direct Expansion Water Chillers
  • Shell and Tube Condensers
  • Marine Condensers
  • LSX Exchangers
  • Ammonia Condenser/Evaporators
  • Flooded Chillers
Water Cooled Condenser

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