Engine Radiators

We handle a broad range of Copper Brass radiator products meeting application requirements from small power generation sets to large vertical and horizontal cooling units, in addition to offering one of the largest ranges or replacement serpentine on & off high way replacement radiator cores. We also have the ability to design the radiators to meet the specific performance and packaging requirements of a demanding customer base.


  • Expansion tanks
  • Low-level switches
  • Fluid connection assemblies
  • Fan control panels


  • Modular assembly
  • Low profile
  • Rugged lightweight design
  • Corrosion-resistant galvanized steel construction
  • High strength efficient core for maximum performance

Common Applications

  • Engine cooling
  • Process cooling
  • Cogeneration systems/heat recovery systems
  • Compressor cooling
  • Heat treating furnace cooling
  • Closed-loop cooling systems
  • Process Cooling
  • Oil Field Equipment
  • Jacket Water Cooling
  • Oil Cooling
  • Compressor Cooling

We also offer mechanical/performance equivalents for your old Young and Perfex coolers and most other brands.
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